I am Paolo Lancellotti and I entered the world of filmmaking in 2016, as a videomaker. From the start, however, my attention and curiosity were attracted by the development of color.
After my first experiences in the field, I decided to deepen my training by attending courses in the audio-visual world and in 2020 I obtained the Black Magic colorist certificate.



The studio has state-of-the-art software and hardwere equipment in the area of post video production.

Here you will find a list of current equipment:

Software: Davinci Resolve studio 16, Silverstack,  Livegrade

Hardware: Davinci mini Pannel

Computer: MSI

Monitor: EIZO CG279X ColorEdge

The CG279X monitor is perfect for viewing and processing HDR content in SDR mode. The display convinces with an extended color space, 16-bit 3D color chart that ensure extreme sharpness in every detail.

Storage: LaCie STFC30000400 5Big 30TB

With this kind of speed you can work RAW files taking advantage of the highest quality from the shooting and seeing the changes in real time thanks to the I/O Thunderbolt 2 technology.


The colors represent that component that immediately strikes those who watch a video, suggesting, more or less implicitly, a well-defined message.
When I work on color, I take care of the appearance of the color at 360 degrees, supporting the customer from the pre-production stages up to the final master.


The studio is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software machines to ensure maximum efficiency.


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